Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Last speed session 8km fartlek

Well this is it.  My last speed session and wouldnt you know it.....my stomach has decided to kill me all day.....a slow agonising death.   Days like today I hate my body.  I look 6 months pregnant and have moments where I cant even stand up straight.  All I can do is hope it passes (no punn intended)  and that I can walk.

I was lucky and my tummy eased enough to walk.  Was still tight and crampy which made walking fast challenging.   Infact i am sure it effects my psoas as at 5km my right leg started playing up with pain in the hamstring and calf.

By 5km I nearly quit.  My fasts were getting slow and my slows were becoming OMG slow.  But it is better to get the distance so I spent more time focusing on technical stuff......and from the video on my fb wall....its paid off.

So now its time to reflect.   While I have not lost any weight,  i am faster and stronger.  That alone has to be an advantage for me.   I am used to heat so that puts a small advantage to me..........time will tell and it will come down to who is hungrier for the win.

Bring on Perth......I'm ready

48.19 for 8km fartlek
8km data

Sunday, 23 October 2016

8km windy walk

I procrastinated today.....alot!   I had a much needed sleep in ....went out to a committee meeting, got my nails done and brought home lunch.   I was silly and had brought some yummy stuff from the bakery for lunch......an hour later my tummy let me know that it didnt like my lunch choice.  So I spent an hour curled up on the couch dozing.   Finally heading out a 4pm.  It was really windy and a little chilly.   I was happy ticking along at an easy pace with focus more on form.  Tucking butt more and being more upright.  When I made it down to the beach it was a real struggle to push into the wind.....but when I reached 4km turn, it was great to have the wind at my back.  Everything flowed well today.  Heart rate was nice and low, body felt good and strong.

50.43 for 8km

8km data

David and Lis have arrived at the house in Perth.   I cant wait to get down there next week.   The cool thing is....we have a pool  yay.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

10 x 400m

My last big speed session.  While 10 x 400m hurts.....I'd rather this over 2km reps any day.

I made sure I had a good warm up and stretch.  Its been so long since I have tried 400s that I really had no idea of what time I would do.  I would be happy with anything under 2.15 per 400m.

As always, I started out way to fast and nearly whiped myself out before I started.   But I carried on as best I could.   I was constantly making it to 200m in 1 min but just dying on the second 200m.   Infact in the last 3 I was struggling to get my legs to even work....my fast twitchs were firing all over the place.

All in all I am happy with this walk and feel I have done all that I can for my preparation for World Masters in Perth.


10 x 400m

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

3 x 2km and 4 x 500m

2km reps intimidate me so much.   Its an odd distance to me as I'm not a short distance walker, i like to get into a pace and work with that.   2km are not long enough to do thst but too short for my fittness ....... ugh material.

My legs were still pretty tired from the 20km but i was still going to put my all into this.  Even Kay, Paul and Deb did 2km reps to help me out.

My first 2km was probably exactly what Jim wanted.   5.43 and 5.49  so an avg of 5.45
But i struggled to even flow tonight.  Even the video had me looking like an old clunker.  Next km 5.44 and 5.53  ...yeah im getting really tired now.  Third and last 5.46 and 5.57  and im done.  

2km data

Now i had 4 x 500m .......i did almost quit.  These were slow but i got them done ....2.52   2.50    2.47   2.46

4 x 500m data

Saturday, 15 October 2016

20km training walk

This is my last long walk before worlds.  I'm tired .... 10km yesterday left me pretty wiped out and my toes feeling very battered.    I was not feeling too confident that this will be a good walk.  But turns out my body surprised me and the walk went better than I thought.

Its a gorgeous day and I started out at 6am.  I tucked a gel away and planned to take it at 10km.   I felt surprisingly strong and managed to walk easily at 6.20 pace.  I even managed a few bursts ... nothing huge but bursts never the less.

There was a cycle race on through southport so I got to see lots of riders go flying past. Lots of people were out paddling on the water and walking dogs.  It was just lovely.  I ended up walking over the southport bridge and around towards sea world.

On my way back I bumped into Robyn and her freind out on a nice sunday strole.  I stopped breifly to chat and then was off again, taking on my gel and stopping again to drink from the fountain.

15km and my body was starting to feel tired, glutes were hurting and my toes were really sore.  I kept telling my self its the home stretch now.  Once i got to the last km, I thought I need to push hard now .... and I was really please that I got a 6.04 out.

2.07.22 for 20km training walk.  I'm good with that.

20km data

Friday, 14 October 2016

10km with 1km burst

I woke up a little bit sore today.  But still dragged myself outta bed for an early walk.

Today was a 10km with bursts of race pass.  I tried to speed up a couple of times but my glutes were pretty grumpy ...so instead I got a fast km.

Beautiful day and its a great way to start it.  Lots of people were out at 7.30am with dogs or going for an early jog.

My fitness has improved as i was never bresthing heavy....but my legs were pretty tired.  I have a 20km tomorrow...... curious to see how i go but I'm expecting it to be a slow an steady walk.

Todays time was 1.03.32

10km data

Thursday, 13 October 2016

10km Fartlek

Note to self:  do not get drunk and dance til midnight before a huge training session.      I almost need to repeat this 100 times.  But on a side note,  it was a totally unplanned night that just went from one quiet drink to mixing cocktails and dancing to you tube videos of old 80's music.   Hubby and I had so much fun and laughed and joked all night........so totally worth it 😆

I SUFFERED all day.... self inflicted and I am old enough to know better.  But one thing I knew...no matter how bad i was feeling.....i still had to do my training.

Its windy and really cold.......wind chill was making it feel way more cold than it was.  Plus the wind was gusty so the back straight you felt like you were being pushed backward.

My first km was 5.35 ..... happy with that.  My recovery lap was a touch to slow but with that wind I'm not going to get too hung up over it.   I managed to make most of my kms 6 mins .... again nothing flash but with that wind i am happy enough.   Even more surprising my overal time 59.41

10km data

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

3 x 800/200

Well this was meant to be 6 x 800/200  .....  but my stomach had other ideas.

I'd had some gastro problems throughout the day and had hoped it would settle by the time I had my training.  

I got to the track and warmed up.  Felt fine during the warm up and was ready for the speed session.    First 800 and I was feeling strong and much faster than I had done.   4.24 is a good time...... 30 sec rest and then fast 200m in 1.02  hmmmm thats a 5.26 for 1km.   Cool i was happy with that.

Started on my 2nd 800m but 400m in and I felt a sharp twisting pain in my stomach.   I hoped it would ease and it did a little.   Still did a 4.24 then a 1.02 for 200m.  So same time.....excellent, but the pain was not going away.   I know this pain, doesnt happen oftern but when it does its like being stabbed.

Started the 3rd 800m but felt much slower and 400m in pain started up again..only this time it didn't ease.   I stopped for the 30sec rest and then hoped to at least finish the 200m.   4.25 + 1.04   .... will i felt much slower, its a surprise to see it wasnt as bad as it felt.    But this time the pain was there to stay so I pulled the pin and rang my coach.  I'm very lucky that he knows me well enough to know I never just quit a session so he agreed it was best to stop.  Cant push through that kind of pain.

So I managed half my planned walk.

Data here

Saturday, 8 October 2016

5000m Gold Coast Masters Memorial Day

The Gold Coast Masters held a special competition day to remember our club members who have passed away.  Its a beautiful gesture and we even had family members drive up to support the event.  I had decided I would wear my NZ Masters shirt .... more for NZ and to remember Lesley.   In the mean time the new crop top arrived and i decided to wear it to test how it will wear...(needs altering,  must lower the arm holes)

We had a good turn out for the walkers.   Dean, George, Patrick, Paul, Kay, Robyn and myself.   We all warmed up and chatted amongst ourselfs.  Today we were given tags so we had electronic timing....the type when you cross over a mat 😊

Gun goes and we are off.   Considering that i had done 10km yesterday my legs didn't feel as bad as I thought they would.  It was great having so many out on the track,  gives you lots of people to focus on....either to catch or to pass.  There was no clock today and cause i didnt trust my watch....i changed my watch to only show me my current lap.  So I had no idea of my overal time.  I just didnt want to slow to 6 min kms.  I felt good and strong, even with the slight wind that would come out of no where.

My last lap, I really tried to dig in it and pick up my pace...not sure how i went there but it was so good to finish.  Even better when I checked my overal time 😀  28.38  wowzers ... thats an improvement.
5000m dats

Then, I drove home ... changed top, threw my head set on and went out to do 10km.   It was really windy now and my wanting to do this was at zero.  But that is not going to help me medal in Perth.   So suck it up and go!

It was as ugly as I expected.  My legs were dead and the wind was making it tough going.   By 4km i nearly just turned and went home.....but I made myself keep going.  By 7km my hip flexor started to hurt and my toes.   The change in posture from walking into the wind put too much on my flexors.

Headed for home, trying hard to get back before 11am....Its Bathurst and its on race I like to watch ..lol

My time for the 10km is exactly a recovery walk.  1.06   dont care it was slow, it was done!
10km walk

Easy 10km

Today was to be an easy 10km..  i have a 5000m race tomorrow 😊

My legs felt pretty tired today so I was happy to just tick along.  I'm having some trouble with my watch.  It has an update but it wont instal it and now I cant get the update to re download...hmmm....pain in butt when it does this.  Plus my heart stap has been spiking badly so have put a new battery in...that should fix that issue.   I might have to factory reset my watch and start over on it...... but I'm feeling its time for an upgrade.

So a couple of my kms today were definitely longer than normal but I gave up worring about it.

Cruised along at a nice easy pace and I am hopefull for a good time tomorrow..... legs depending of course.

1.04 for 10km

10km data

Thursday, 6 October 2016

10km fartlek

Wowzer....this is going to test me.

Get out there and attack it....and I did.  

Good solid first km in 5.35 mins .....yus!  Happy with that.  Then recovery 500m....trying hard to stay close to 3 min.  Succeeded in this for most.  Obviously towards the end i was getting tired but they were still ok.

Fast 500m were also acceptable.... avg about 2.53   not fantastic but ok.

Got to 5km in 29.20 and was pretty happy with that and kinda hoped i could hang on to that and break 60mins in the 10km.  Which I did.

Boom baby !  59.35 for 10km fartlek

Finally I'm showing improvement.  Starting to feel confident now.

10 km data

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

6 x 800/200

This is a workout that really bites.  It pushes you both physically and mentally.

800 ....... 30sec rest .... then 200m sprint.   Recover for 2 mins  and repeat.

Even Kay did 6 of these bad boys.....and looked fantastic while out on the track.

I started easy as I have learnt in the past that going out to fast really really hurts.  I was very lucky to have Jess Pickles out on tbe track and we timed it so that for most of my 200ms was the start of her km.  So she helped push me to a good solid fast 200m time.

I have to say I am really pleased with how this workout went.  After the disaster 18km ... and pulling a few muscles in my sudden stop and yak.....I was a little scared I had hurt myself again.....but pleased to say I had no hammy or back pain.   Yay

Even better......I might have some company for my 20km walks for the next couple of Sundays...... fingers crossed Jess & I can work out schedules out.  I promise NO waffles lol

Here are my times:-
4.33    1.00
4.27   .58
4.29    1.03
4.30    1.00
4.37   1.03
4.37    .58

Now to recover quick as coach has made this a tough week.

800 / 200 data

Sunday, 2 October 2016

18km death march

I'm calling this the waffle death march!

Its a long weekend.....i really wanted to sleep in.....go have breaky at Nona's, lay in the sun and then do my 18km.   What I should have done was get up at 6am...do my walk,  then do the breaky and sun bath things.

By 3pm my fatigue had set in and i was still feeling very full from breakfast.........yes, i had waffles.  I normally get scrambled eggs but nope, today of all days....i change and decide on waffles, chocolate fudge and marshmellows 😲🤗😍   all soooo naughty but soooo good.

I got all my gear on and headed out.  I was going to walk the path for the half marathon. ( note to self ....dont do this again as pavement was terrible )  My first km felt terrible.  I felt like i had bricks in my shoes.  Try as i might, i couldnt get any speed up....and it progressively got worse.  At 4km, my breakfast made a hasty return.  Ummm thats embarrassing and all i could do was grab a lamp post and hope it was not going to be to messy.

I carried on and just gave up stressing about the time.  I just wanted it over and done.   I had Alf and Karen go past me....toot tooting and a big wave.  Alf is just back from Mexico competing at the world triathlon.  Now he is an inspiration.

When I got out to Runaway Bay, I wasnt sure where to go so I followed the walkway around the beach.  It went on to a wooden broadwalk that took me around to flash appartments.  It was really pretty along there, lots of people fishing.   I ran out of walkway before making 9km...so i knew i would have to do a loop near home to add in the missing km.  

The walk home didnt get any better, but at least its over and out of the way now.  
I even went and soaked in the spa.   Had it all to myself too.

So this will be my worst walk todate.  18km in 1.59   ugh

18km data

Thursday, 29 September 2016

8km with 3 x 3min bursts

I honestly thought it was about to storm tonight and had planned to use the treadmill at home.  Lucky for me the rain stopped so I headed to the track.  Robyn had just pulled up and was heading out to walk a road course but said she would do a few laps if I was still on the track when she finished.

I started out and settled into a nice pace.  My big focus tonight was to get a nice long stride.   I feel I cant go faster until i can be more flexible.   I was a little surprised when my first km was 6.07  I didnt feel I was walking that quickly.  

Km 2, 5 & 7 are the ones I did the bursts in.  Not sure how fast I did my bursts in but they felt faster.  

It wasnt much fun walking by myself so I just focused on style and counting laps.   So I was thrilled when robyn joined me out on the track.

Tonight my time for 8km was 49.13 ........ last week my 8km fartlek was 49.54 .... so thats a bloody good improvement.

After we finished we quickly took some photos and I was so pleased how my stride has lengthened.

8km data

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

3 x 1500m & 3 x 500m

I am sure my coach is an evil man.   Well after finishing this session....I was sure of it.

I am not a sprinter and so I really struggle with these.   I want to go faster but i just dont know how to.

I guess it will all just fall into place one day.

So here is what i did...



Really want my 500s to be 2.30s........

Robyn even took a photo of me ... i think towards the end.  I really like this photo

Track data

Sunday, 25 September 2016

10 km recovery walk

As expected,  todays 10km was unspectacular.   My legs and glutes were pretty tired.

But I decided to not let it bother me that i was slow and just enjoy the walk.

First 5km wasnt too bad at 31 mins but i was done and the last 5km was pretty tough.

1.05 was my time and I'm ok with that.

10km data

Saturday, 24 September 2016

10km with 3 x 3min bursts

What a difference a mega B injection makes.    Not even 24 hours and I already feel better.   Still tired but not fatigued tired.  

I decided to walk a new way today.   I knew it would be a tough walk as its very underlating ... but not so bad that i cant walk up the rolling hills.   I figured it would be a good work out.  Only one big intersection but it has nice wide paths with no one around.  It runs beside the gold coast highway from harbour town out to helensvale and i drive along this every morning.

I also decided to walk mid day as I have found out my 10km race in Perth is at 12.30 and will be hot.  

I didnt expect much from today and to be honest, headed out with what felt like an easy pace so i was surprised that my first km was 6.07 and this was on a slight rise.  I kept up the same amount of effort and felt great...really great.  The rises were getting bigger and so using more effort to push up them.   I was loving the down sides and just whizzed down them.   I even felt good enough to do my bursts of race pace but they kinda get absorbed but km 2, 3 and 4 have bursts in them.

I am get a full blood work done and it will be interesting to see what my B count is even after getting the injection.   I will definitely be getting another just before i leave for Perth.

Total time for my 10km today is 1.01.41 and I am thrilled with that.

10km data

Thursday, 22 September 2016

8 km Fartlek

Todays fun workout is an 8km fartlek.   I was looking forward to this one.....well not really...but these are the sessions you get the most out of.

Most days i make it to 3pm and then hit a wall.  Fatigue sets in and i just feel numb and bone tired.  Good news is,  i am booked to have my B complex injection tomorrow.... i am a good month over due and csn really feel it.  Fingers crossed i get a good hit from it.

I opted to use the broadwalk and walk with kay.  She jogged beside me as i started and then slipped in behind me once she started walking too.

My legs felt like lead bricks.   I tried so hard to push but a 6 min km was the best i was going to get.  From here it gets less startling.....most of my fast 500s were 3 mins and most of my slow 500s were 3.15  i even had to stop at 4km for an emergency toilet stop.......tummy started grumbling about my walk too.

My data shows a very low heart rate which shows i was not using my legs nor pushing as hsrd as i felt i was.   But it got done, i didnt quit.

Time for 8km is 49.55   .... its ok and I'll happily take it.

8km data

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 x 1km with 2 min recovery

Oh man I'm tired.   I've been going through quite a bit of stress in the last month but good news is its all been resolved and there is nothing left to worry about.  But now that i can relax, I'm left feeling like i could sleep for a week.  Stress fatigue is just awful.   It hits you like a wave and leaves you weak, exhausted and bone tired.  Driving to the track i struggled to stay in my lane and stay awake.  Its frightening as you cant just pull over on the motorway.

But any way ..I digress.    Tonight i was in for 5 x 1km and i opted for the track.  I felt very clunky during my warm up but eventually smoothed out.  Kay decided she would do 3 x 1km and we started out together.

My first km was a struggle as i pushed my body to move....use glutes, push off,  lengthen stride....the list is endless.

1st = 5:48
2nd = 5:42
3rd = 5:42
4th = 5:41
5th = 5:39

I am really happy with this.  I got a little quicker with each one.  Now to build up fitness.  Eventually i felt smooth and everything flowed better.  6 weeks to go....scary stuff.

5 x 1km

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Soggy 15 km walk

I'm tired......like exhausted tired.   Its been a huge month with alot of stress and I just feel exhausted.   We have had Shanes mum staying too and that has been wonderful, but we have been out most days exploring and constantly on the go.

Today is raining,  and after dropping mum to the airport i just wanted to snuggle up and sleep on the couch.   But with only 6 weeks till perth.....thats not going to help with my medal prospect.

So I headed out at lunch time.   The foot path is made with pebbles,  so in the wet.. it become very slippery.    First  2 km and last 2 km were my slowest due to that.  But the rest of the walk was uneventful.   I just felt flat and tired.   I am definitely over due for my vit B injection so I best get that sorted this week.

Forgot to put my heart strap on... but my fit bit shows it to be 150 to 160.   Low and shows not much effort being done.

1.37 for 15km .... but hey.  I got out there, got soaked and got it done.

15km data

Thursday, 15 September 2016

4 x 1km with 4km recovery

Its pouring.   I'm driving down to the walkway and I'm so not keen.   I dont have my jacket......ugh.....I'm going to get wet.

Kay was there waiting for me and we chuckled about gotta race in it so best to train in it.  We walked down to the start.  I was just going to use the first km and go back and forth with a 2min rest between km.  Kay was going to walk the full walkway so that should have us finish 4km at the same time.

I started off and felt heavy and still.  Its wet and very slippery under foot.   I get to 500  in 2:52 and finish my first km in 5:54

I wait 2 mins and go back up the walkway.   I hit 500 in 2:51 and 2nd km in 5:49

Feeling tired and pretty puff, but i get ready for 3rd km.   This time I feel a diff and can feel me stretching out.  I hit 500 in 2:49 and finish that km in 5:46

Its stopped raining but its still sandy and slippery.  Kay whizzed past as i was catching my breath,  so I took chase.  Catching and passing just at the finish.  This time i hit 500m i  2:54 and i thought, I'm done.....too tired but i dug deep for the last 100m to finish i  5:48

While its nothing amazing, on this walkway it is.  I have spent a wonderful time having my mother inlaw, kinda sister in law and aunt n uncle.    Lots of laughs and fun ❤ sadly they all return home this week end.  Ill miss them.

Kay and i carried on for another 4kms and chattered as we walked.  We miss doing that.

Thanks kay for walking with me tonight.....its started to get easier noe.

4 x 1km data

Monday, 12 September 2016

20km QMA Long Course Walks

This race is to be my test of fitness and endurance.   It will give me and jim the best indication of what we feel I will achieve at world's in Perth.

The pain in my right leg has been my biggest hindrance,  holding me back from training this week.   Still not 100% sure of what is wrong but think a Dr visit will be in order soon.

Kay and I carpooled to this race as it was further than what we normally travel.   We chatted away on the drive in and helped wake each other up and get in the mood for a good race.   Kay was doing the 10km and I was doing both 10km and the 20km.   We signed in and went to warm up.   I must say i was most surprised by the arrival of one entrant but I was not going to let it bother me,  and they stayed well away..... so that saved any harsh words being said.

Race plan was to....... aim for sub 60 min 10km and then just training pace for the second 10 km.   In the half marathon in July, I did 2.07.25 for 20km so I was hoping for that or lower.

I felt good and strong and chased out after the guys...one day i will keep up with them.  Once warmed up my leg didn't bother me at all..hmmm so not muscle.  While walking I suddenly realised the pain felt the same as when i get mondors cord......tiny blood clots in a vein and it gets inflamed.  I would bet money i have this in my leg.

I went through 10km in 59.40.....OMG...right on plan....i was so excited.  Now to hold it together for another 10km.   I was starting to get tired now and could feel how un race fit i was.   15km in 1.31.20......starting to slow now but I'm  still really happy with that.

Now the last 5km .... this was getting tough.   I was trying hard to not let my pace get any slower than 6.30 and i achived that.   My toes were really hurting and i knew its going to mean losing a couple.

As i came up towards the finish line i mustered all i could to try and speed up a little and amazingly......i finished in a bloody good time of 2.02.44

Yahoo.....it now makes going under 2 hours achievable.   I am so happy.

20km data

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5000m fartlek fail

I tanked it tonight......epically!

Maybe i am not recovered from my 15km?  Maybe my adductor is more hurt than i think.......or maybe there is just too much going on at the moment and something had to give.   Either way  ... I'm disappointed BUT I finished it.

So back to my adductor......of this I have NO clue.  I woke up today feeling like i was bruised in my groin and part way doen the inner right thigh.  All day it has hurt and now i can feel a lump in my limph node in my groin.   It actually feels as if i have an infection?  But i dont...no cuts or abrasions anywhere.....so I am baffled as to why it just happened..... I walked ok.....a little pain as my heel hit the track but nothing at all while flexed and walking.   Bizarre really.

My calf was ok.   It did pump up and go tight but it didnt hurt so I feel good about that.

Why do I feel like I tanked......I should have been faster today, it should have been easier.  Instead I hzd ZERO speed.  My first km was barely under 6mins and after that it just got harder to try and pick up between the medium and fast.    I didnt give up and right to the end fought for every step.

Looking at the data..my heart rate was low compared to the effort i felt i was putting in.   Not much else can gained from picking this apart.  Put it behind me and move forward.

Icing my adductor and will gently stretch it.   I have a 20km race on sunday and I want to try and get a decent time.

5000m data

30:54 was my time tonight.   This has to improve next week.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

15km training walk

I was very nervous about this walk.   After aggravating my calf on Wednesday....I have been a little over cautious and even decided to flag my 5 km walk yesterday.    I was determined to do today's walk and even if it was slow....I knew I need distance in my legs and for my fitness.

I just couldn't fire up today.   I don't really know why....... my whole body felt heavy and slow.   I know I was careful about not pushing off to much for the first 2 km but even once i warmed up,  i just had nothing.

At 7km I could feel my calf starting to pump up and get tight,  but there was no pain so I kept on.   Every now and then I would get a twinge but nothing bad enough to stop for.   I had put some heat gel on and by 11km it started to work.   I could feel both my calfs starting to get hot.    Like almost burning hot...I knew that once I get home and stop that they will heat up more (and they have)

It was a gorgeous day and it was lovely just being out.   I do wish I was faster and I know I will get there,  it's just frustrating.    I hate re building.... it takes forever to get back to where you were,  let alone where you want to be.

So my time today was 1:36:45  an avg pace of 6:27

Next Sunday I have a 20 km race......scary....

15km data

Thursday, 1 September 2016

8km with 2 x 3min bursts

I spent yesterday cleaning out the office and putting big boxes out into the container.   I'm not really sure what it is that I do but every time I end up pulling my calf...... and sure enough I felt it pull as I was carrying 2 boxes of copy paper.   If must be the extra weight and my calf is just not strong enough.

So needless to say I was little nervous about walking today.  

I opted to still use the walkway and walk with kay.   Well start and finish with kay and pass her as we walked back and forth.   For some reason my garmin didn't recognize the distance and says my first kms were only 500m.   I was manually lapping so I know they are correct.

I struggled today..... tummy issues and just tired.   I listened very carefully to my body and after 2km felt my calf was going to be ok.   It never hurt - just feels tight.

I did manage 2 x 3min bursts .... but only managed 500m so it was not much of a burst..... but I'll take it.

After I finished I made sure I had a good gentle stretch and will ice and roller when I get home.

Total time 51:24

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

5000m fartlek

My first fartlek of the new program.   I was keen to get stuck into to this and get a good indication of how out of shape I am.

I did a couple of laps to warm up and did some drills as I was doing it.    Paul and Kay decided to join me and do the same.  Kay did hers by fast on straights and slow on curves.  Paul and I did 1km then 500m recovery 500m fast.

I did my usual and started out abit quick which soon had me gasping and eased me back...still 5:42 is my fastest 1km in some time.

2nd 3:10 & 2:52
3rd 3:09 & 2:55
4th  3:09 & 2:53
5th 3:09 & 3:00

Total time 30:05

My last fast 500m and I was totally beat.   But I really tried to give it my all.

Avg heart rate was 162 and my max was 184   .....  thats pretty awful but its a stat point.   Can only get better from here.

5000m data

Sunday, 28 August 2016

13.5 km - long walk along the beach front

Gosh I was a little sore today.  Glutes were tender so I decided to walk later in the day.  Not sure now if that was wise or not.  But i sure am buggered now.

I thought I would go a more direct route...thinking it would be 3km to the start of the 1km walkway.  But it ended up only being 2.250km and the walkway was being repaired so I had to muck around trying to cross the busy road to find my way across.   But this path is perfect...its wide, flat and got a measured 1km.  Perfect as I need to get used to back and forth over a 1km.  

Along the walkway I was averaging 6.15 per km and was really pleased with that considering my legs were starting to get pretty heavy.

While I was walking a group of people had been watching me go back and forth called out to me.  They asked if I knew the walker guys who won medals.  I was very proud to say that I did ..... they asked me to pass on congrats.  How cool is that!

I headed for home with a new found burst of energy.  I picked a different way home so my 13km become 13.5km   a little bonus for the coach 😊

1.25 for 13.5 km with an avg pace of 6.21 per km - avg heart rate 150

I made sure I stretched and rolled myself over the foam roller.   Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

13.5 km data

Friday, 26 August 2016

Day 1 of new program ... 6km

Today is the first day of my new training program.  Jim was kind and gave me 6km.   I dug out my heart strap as its time to see how unfit i really am.

My legs are a little heavy after doing 10km yesterday but nothing that was going to bother me too much.  

I know i am going to miss quite a few club races over the next couple of months but Sunday is the best day for long sessions and i will need every km i can get.

I decided to head out direct from home and go straight along to the runaway bay cycle drome.  From there the footpath is nearly 2km with no road crossings and is nice and wide.  I mucked up my road crossing on the way out and had to wait nearly 4 mins to get across.  Coming back I found the crossing lights and used them,  quicker... but still a stop.

I felt good through this and kept focused on form and thinking strong.  37.36 is ok and I'll take it.

6km data

Day 1 - Road To Perth

Hi there,

I am moved blogs and homes .... LOTS have been happening.   I have swapped blogs because the old blogs email address went woggy and I couldnt access it any more to add posts.   So easier to just start new and with my regular email.   So much more simple.

Well ... here we are :D   all nice and new and shiny.   So I will start anew with my training too.  

I have been lost for the last few months with no direction or goal as such.   I had been injured for most of the year with a torn calf and Sticky Shoulder.   Both of these left me in a deep funk and I really lost all motivation to walk or try hard when I did.   I had made the decision to not go to Perth and to just ride out the injury.   Well in the last month I have gained nearly full use of my shoulder again and have had no pain in my calf.   I had done a couple of club walks and my times have been half decent.  

So now,  between my Husband and Jim (ex Coach - soon to be new Coach)  they both got me thinking that I could perhaps still enter Perth.   I didnt want to be away for 2 weeks....it would be too hard to get time off work and I didnt want to be away for that long!!  I had 2 days to decide....could I do this...did I want to do this and what will I enter.  

In true Nyle fashion.... on the last day and in the last hour....I entered the 10km and the 20km and committed myself.     OMG  what had I done.   I spent a sleepless night trying to work out some kind of training program and when I spoke to hubby he just pointed out the obvious.   You did your best when you didnt have to think about it......when Jim told you to do this or that on set days and you did it.   So speak to Jim and see if he would like to coach you again.   Lucky for me the silly bugger is keen to take me back on again............... must have caught him in a weak moment.

SO Day 1 - I set myself the goal to get up and do 10km.   Its a public holiday for us in Gold Coast  and so I got up at 7am and headed out.   Picked a new path and loved the scenery.  While out walking I made the decision to call my Ex coach and ask if he would take me back on and get me to Perth.

So Day 2 - Starts the training with Jim again.   Lucky he was in a kind mood and has just given me 6km.